A Message from Our Presidents'

Our Presidents

Welcome to the BAS PTA website!

We are quite excited to join the 21st century in communication! Our goal, as always, is to be a bridge between the Brooklyn Avenue School and the students’ families.

We look forward to filling this site with information about our school unit’s activities, current education and advocacy information and links to helpful, parent and child resources.

You will find many interesting links; including our informative District 24 website, New York State Education and the Village of Valley Stream. We will include PTA meeting dates and minutes, recent and upcoming events, health and safety news and much more!

Our hope is that you find this site user friendly, enjoyable and informative.

Special thanks to Lauren; BAS ’01, VSCHS ’07, Syracuse University ’11. Thanks for sharing your heart and talent with the BAS PTA!

Cathy Grupp and Stephen Rubenstein

Our Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Brooklyn Avenue School is a wonderful learning community that is committed to excellence and enabling all students to reach their potential. Students in grades K-6 are immersed in a rich curricular that fosters both

the academic and social growth of our students. We are fortunate to have dedicated central administrators and School Board members that work tirelessly for our learning community.

It is important to remember that the balance between school and home is vital for the success of our children. I encourage you to be involved with your child’s teachers and volunteer to serve in the Parent Teachers Association. Throughout the school year, the PTA provides our students with meaningful and fun “extras” that enhance their education and experience at the Brooklyn Avenue School.

Thank you and I look forward to a bright future with your children at our school.

Scott J. Comis, Ed.D.

Our Teacher Representative

Dear Parents and Teachers of the Brooklyn Avenue School,

My name is Mrs. Krista Kinirons and this is my third year as a teacher here at the Brooklyn Avenue School. I am currently one of the teacher representatives of the Brooklyn Avenue P.T.A. The other representatives are Mrs. Marie Malkewicz and Mrs. Jeanne Rennhack. This is my second year volunteering as a teacher representative and it has been an enjoyable experience.

Many people wonder why it is important to join a school’s P.T.A. There is only one reason; it is for the benefit of the students. Everything the P.T.A. discusses at its meetings has to do with improving the lives of its students. Whether it is working to push legislation to protect the welfare of students, to hold cultural events for the student body, to give free ice cream to all students on their birthdays, to hold free movie nights for students, to have an end-of-year celebration, complete with barbecue, D.J., and a dance party; these are many of the P.T.A. sponsored benefits. These events cannot take place without the help of the many volunteers on the P.T.A. I have seen these people in action, working tirelessly to help make their school experience a memorable one for all students. We would not have a successful P.T.A. without these parents.

The purpose of my position as teacher representative is to act as a liaison between the P.T.A. and the teachers of the Brooklyn Avenue School. I attend monthly P.T. A. meetings and pass on the valuable information to the teachers and staff. Any suggestions or issues that may arise are discussed and passed along. I try my best to keep all teachers “in the know”, so to speak. I have gotten to know a good number of parents at these meetings, and we have shared our thoughts and feelings about issues and events.

This position has been a worthwhile experience. I try my best to let parents know how very important it is to join the P.T.A. I try to let them know about all of the wonderful events that we have here at the Brooklyn Avenue School; they only happen as a result of the hard work of the P.T.A. members. Our school couldn’t function successfully without these hard working, dedicated people. I’m thankful for all of them!

Mrs. Krista Kinirons
Teacher Representative
Fifth Grade Teacher
Brooklyn Avenue School P.T.A.

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