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Lover of all things simple.
Yes, I am very aware that most things in life are not simple, however, whenever I remember to stop and enjoy the smell of fresh baked cookies, a jaw-dropping sunset, the sound of the wind in the trees or the crackle of a campfire, I feel most at home.

Always learning.
One of my favorite things to do is aquire new knowledge. My Google search tangents can get pretty ridiculous, however, there is nothing more satisfying then learning how Foucault's pendulum works, when the Adirondack Mountains were formed, why yeast needs sugar and warm water to make dough rise, who settled the Sacandaga Valley, and what in the world is the proper resolution for retina display images!

Unique from day one.
Literally, how many people do you know decided to stay in the womb an extra two weeks? My red hair makes me stick out like a sore thumb. Being a girl but enjoying both “boy” (science, building, the outdoors) and “girl” (baking, knitting, yoga) things. (That being said, I use those terms with the utmost looseness. I do not think interests should be gender specific.) It is because of my differences that I have learned to be confident in myself as well as accept and respect others' differences.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Just do it guys, seriously. Minimal effort will make a huge difference for generations to come. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful place to call home, so we should work hard to keep it that way. No one wants to live on Mars anyway.

Experience everything.
My work experience varies greatly from a program coordinator to technology teacher assistant to freelance designer to summer custodian. All of these experiences have helped mold me into the dedicated worker I am today. Whether I am working for myself or for someone else, I am passionate about getting the job done and doing it well.

Never give up.
I know, I know, it's cliché. Life throws its curve balls at us daily. It is the way we react to these experiences that show our true colors. It is also about the curve balls we throw at ourselves. The goals we make and strive for are a big driving factor to who we become. My biggest goal: to be happy.